Many Worlds

Gow Langsford Gallery


October 30 – November 23, 2019

Press Release

When one considers contemporary abstraction in New Zealand, Max Gimblett is an artist who has been at the forefront of this movement for decades. Having lived in New York since 1972, New Zealand born Gimblett uses his dual citizenship to his advantage with regular visits back to his home country that he greatly adores. The results are works that are filled with the vibrancy and immediacy that comes with living in New York, and an innate ease from his Kiwi roots. Max’s Zen Buddhism philosophies impact greatly on his practice, represented not only physically through gesture and movement whilst creating the works, but also on a deeper spiritual level.

Many Worlds presents new works with unexpected tones and textures. His signature quatrefoil shaped canvases are densely packed with a rainbow of colours, using gold and silver gilding to enliven the works further. Rectangular works follow a similar aesthetic; and new tondo’s, The Ring and Island, showcase the simplicity of gesture and colour. The return of the oval-shaped canvas of Golden Sweep has a more muted palette of pastel tones; the oval can be seen to represent fertility and rebirth, perhaps a subtle hint to this new phase of his practice.

Presented alongside these new paintings will be the release of Island Rhythm, a second series of unique screenprints on aluminium created by Max Gimblett in New Zealand this year.