The Rising Sun (2015)

Page Blackie Gallery

Wellington, New Zealand

March 3 – 28, 2015

Press Release


Of all things that serve as inspiration for Gimblett’s painting practice is his   search for the spiritual. I rarely understand what someone means when they say that they are a “spiritual person” but it is always been clear to me what Max means when he says this.

It is not Max’s ongoing spiritual and philosophical dialogue that offers the truth of his spirituality. Nor is it his inquiry into the nature of existence that his paintings and works on paper seem at first to be possible answers for. It is his total commitment to his art practice that proves everything he believes in is right and true in a single moment of freedom that he is allowed to experience per painting.

Take all the art, movies, and texts he has digested; take all of his travels throughout Europe, India, China, Japan, and the United States; take CG Jung, Joseph Campbell, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Tessu the No Sword Warrior, Willem De Kooning, Hakuin, Clint Eastwood, Jack Dempsey, Sengai Gibbon, and countless other teachers he has been mentored by; Gimblett loads up a Chinese brush with all of this content and approaches a canvas.

As soon as that brush hits the picture plane all of the content is in abeyance. There is nothing but Gimblett’s relationship with the infinite.

One brief moment of truth.

When the gesture is complete and the brush leaves the painting, two assistants grab its sides and rest it flat on the floor, all of the knowledge and experience comes rushing back.

Gimblett successfully suspended his consciousness by way of a brushstroke so he could approach the unknown. I do not know of anyone else who can do this. It is a perfect melting of body, mind, and spirit which I find completely convincing.

Matt Jones, Artist, Brooklyn