Max Gimblett and Martin Popplewell collaboration for Workshop (2015)

Gow Langsford Gallery and Workshop

Auckland, New Zealand

December 1 – 31, 2015

Press Release

Longtime Workshop partners Max Gimblett and Martin Poppelwell collaborate to make a new conversation built on their experience of ceramics and painting. Both Gimblett and Poppelwell place a very high value on the daily practice of drawing and meditation. Over a period of 4 days the artists did just this at Poppelwell’s studios on Bluff Hill, Napier. 

The results are a range of surprisingly direct and humorous works that elaborate on the discussions the artists had while making the artworks and in a way that reflect upon aspects of their current thinking about practice influences and geographies. Elements of form the works feature in a collection of limited edition garments by Workshop.