Max Gimblett – 50 Years of Drawing

Page Blackie Gallery


July 16 – August 12, 2016

Press Release

Max Gimblett is extremely candid about his life and practice; even so, when we began putting together this exhibition, spending days in Max’s New York studio looking through the many hundreds of his drawings from 1964 through to the present, only then did we realise how much more there was to tell in the story of the artist’s life.


This exhibition, Max Gimblett – 50 Years of Drawing beautifully and thoughtfully shines a spotlight on Max’s drawing practice, his engagement with contemporary and historical spiritual practices of the East and West, a ravenous love of mythology, expressed in dynamic brushwork, geometric pencil compositions, and lush meditative ink fields.


The backbone of Max’s practice is, and always has been, drawing.


We are enormously proud to present this exhibition at Page Blackie Gallery, illustrating fifty years of Max’s practice, in this, the 80th year of the Master’s life.


Marcia Page and James Blackie

July 2016